There are many theories as to how your house should be presented for sale. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked that the condition of the property will often be the deal-breaker over the decoration and smell of coffee and baked cookies!

Most buyers and/or their mortgage providers will instruct a survey. The purpose of the survey inspection is to identify current defects, highlight future maintenance issues, and provide a valuation on the property.

The surveyor carrying out the inspection will be looking for typical and specific defects that decoration alone will not prevent them finding. This process often results in sales falling through or agreed asking prices being reduced.

HOME-MOT offer a vendors survey that will identify defects that should be attended to prior to marketing the property for sale. This offering also provides a handy report that can be presented to potential buyers and can help with obtaining a timely sale and prevent negotiations reducing agreed values.

This inspection is priceless. It can prevent sales falling through and can prevent values being reduced by thousands of pounds.