Home Buyer Surveys in Southport: Your Chartered Surveyors

Buying a home should be an exciting time in your life, defined by anticipation and looking forward. But it also presents a lot of challenges for the buyers. If you are looking to buy any property, you need a detailed and comprehensive evaluation–at Home-MOT we can offer:

– Home RICS Surveys levels 1, 2 & 3

– Snagging reports

– Defect analysis reports

With Home-MOT, you can buy a property with full confidence that any issues are identified before the sale. We help you make the right choice–fully informed.

Home-MOT: What We Do

Established in 2002, Home-MOT has weathered a huge amount of change in the property market over 20 years in business. With 30 years of experience, our team have helped countless new and seasoned buyers find the right property–and avoid the wrong ones. As fully accredited Chartered Surveyors, we have earned our reputation. 

– Unmatched expertise: With such diversity in the property market, navigating it as a buyer can feel daunting. With our expert RICS Home Surveys in Southport, you can get the best advice on any property type. 

– Complete range of Survey choices: Whether you are buying anything from a conventional or new build home up to something more unique or larger, we provide all levels of RICS Home Surveys for all needs. 

– State-of-the-art equipment: With drone surveys and thermal photography where necessary, we use every tool available to us. 

Image of Southport town centre

For full clarity in your property purchase, a RICS level 2 Home Survey provides a comprehensive report on any problems the property might have. Whether you are buying for the first time or you are an existing homeowner, our Surveys can not only reveal potential issues–but in doing so help give you informed negotiation power. With a fully personalised service, transparent guidance and extensive local knowledge, with a free quote we can help you understand which Home Survey is best for your situation.

Large home in Southport that we have surveyed

For purchases of large, heavily extended properties, as well as period homes or those in especially poor condition, a RICS Level 3 Home Survey is vital. We will carry out a complete inspection of the property, providing the fullest information. In the case of any points of particular difficulty, we can make recommendations for the appropriate specialist advice. 

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To discuss your home purchase with us, as a new buyer or a homeowner, get in touch. As Chartered Surveyors in Southport, we understand the unique needs of every property and every purchase. With full accreditation and decades of experience in the industry, we can provide the guidance you need to make a fully informed investment decision–click below for a free quote.

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