Defect Analysis Report

We can help you with the identification and analysis of specific defects and provide advice on their remedies. Some examples are damp, rot, movement, roof and chimney defects…

Damp – analysis of the cause of a damp problem which may be due to rising or penetrating damp, as a result of roof or chimney leaks, defective damp proof membranes or obstructed cavities to name a few. Condensation may also be present, often due to poor heating or ventilation and inadequate insulation.

Rot – analysis of the type of decay found and assessment of the repairs and treatment required.

Woodworm – commonly found in our area in older timbers particularly if affected by any dampness. Often this can be cured by treating and does not involve structural timber replacements, but this can be necessary in more serious attacks.

Structural Movement – resulting in distortion and cracking of the building. This can be caused by long term changes in weather conditions or damaged drains changing the water content and condition of the underlying soil. We will investigate and advise on the correct course of action.

Roofs – high level inspections of roofs and areas hidden from ground level view to assess their condition.

Floors – Assessment of settlement in solid ground bearing concrete floor slabs. Investigation beneath suspended timber floors to assess the efficiency of the sub floor ventilation and the condition of the timbers.

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