Data analysis

Defect Analysis Report

We can help you with the identification and analysis of specific defects and provide advice on their remedies. Some examples are damp, rot, movement, roof

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Snagging Reports

Purchasers of new buildings, residential or commercial, may feel they do not need a full building survey, but they do require a professional person to

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RICS Level-3 Surveys

RICS Level 3 Surveys in Liverpool: Enabling Informed Property Decisions There can be a lot of uncertainty involved in the purchasing or selling of real

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RICS Level-2 Survey

RICS Level 2 Surveys in Liverpool: Your Path to Informed Property Decisions Understanding RICS Level 2 Surveys The process of buying or selling a property

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RICS Level-1 Survey

The RICS Level-1 Survey is designed to give buyers of conventional and newer homes (houses and flats) a concise picture of their property without fault advice

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RICS Survey types

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